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Samsun sea port

DIAGRAM:Samsun port
LOCATION:41 18' 00" N, 36 22' 00" E
DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT:The port of Samsun is the major for port the central part of Black Sea coast. The port serves export, import cargoes and transit traffic to Iran and also Ro-Ro lines between Turkey and Ukraine/Russia. It has an ideal location both for the trade with the countries having a coast on the Black Sea and for the potential cargoes which will arise due to Black Sea Economic Cooperation Region (BSECR) Project. On the other hand, it is ideally located for the cargoes destined to the Middle East from the continental Europe through Rhine-Main-Danube canal and Black Sea. The port is protected by two breakwaters, 3132 m. and 1580 m. long. The width at the entrance is 225 m.
PILOTAGE:Pilotage is compulsory and provided by Port Administration.
TOWAGE:It is not necessary up to 500 GRT. One tugboat. Is compulsory for the vessels over 500 GRT. Provided by Port Administration. 4 tugs up to 2.500 Hp are available.
ANCHORAGES:Good anchorage in the outer harbour.
BERTHING: Harbour protected by two breakwaters, entrance width 200 m., depth 11.9 m.
1-2 Dry bulk326-10.5
3 General Cargo150-10.5
4-5 Cargo, Passenger 300 -10.5
6-7 General Cargo400-12
9 General Cargo 400-6.5
10 General Cargo180-6
EQUIPMENT:The equipment at the port includes 17 shore cranes of 3 to 35 tons capacity, 2 yard cranes of 10 tons capacity, 8mobile cranes of 5 to 25 tons capacity, 20 general cargo forklifts of 2 to 5 tons capacity, 2 tug master, 1 loader, 4 crawler cranes of 8 to 10 tons capacity, 5 tractors, 3 trailers of 40 tons capacity, 6 trailers of 20 tons capacity and 1 pneumatic of 50 tons/hour capacity.
MARINE CRAFTS:The marine crafts at the port comprise 1 pilot boat, 4 tugboats, 3 mooring boats and 1 service boat.
STORAGE:Storage facilities of Samsun consist of 356.530 sqm. of open and 12.019 sqm. of covered areas.
GENERAL CARGO FACILITIES:There are berths with a total length of 1430 m. with an alongside depth of 10.5 m. The berths have been equipped with sufficient, modern and high performance cranes and the yards behind the berths arranged accordingly. 15 shore cranes of 3 - 35 tons capacity; 2 yard cranes of 10 tons capacity; 8 mobile cranes 5 -25 tones capacity; 16 general forklifts of 2-5 tons capacity; 2 tug master; 1loader: 2 crawler cranes of 27 tons capacity: 5 tractors; 18 trailer and 1 pneumatic of 50 tons/hr. capacity.
CONTAINER HANDLING:The port has ample storage areas for containerized cargo. Containers are loaded and discharged by a general-purpose shore crane of 35 tons capacity 1x42 ton forklift.
BULK HANDLING FACILITIES:There are berths serving the dry bulk cargoes with a length of 326 m. and with alongside depths of 10.5 m. An ore conveyor system at the port operating at a rate of 700 t/h for vessel loading is available.
RAIL FERRY FACILITIES:The port has a ship to shore bridge system to serve the railway-maritime-highway combined transport from North European countries to Iran and Middle East countries. The system and the yard behind have been designed according to the mixed ferryboats carrying rail and road vehicles.
RO-RO FACILITIES:Ro-Ro operations are carried out at berth No.5.
RECEPTIONS FACILITIES:An oily-water separator system is available at the capacity of 6.700 cu.m/year.
DENSITY:1013, but changes according to season.
FRESH WATER:Fresh water is available from valves at the berths and is supplied by the Port Administration.
BUNKERS:Available by road tankers though private suppliers.
AIRPORT:Distance 5 km from the port.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL:Service is compulsory.
WASTE OIL DISPOSAL:Service is available.

CE (Conformite Europeenne) certifies conformity with the standards of European Union. TSE (Turk Standartlar Enstitusu) certifies conformity with the standards of Turkey GOST (Gosudarstvennyy Standart) certifies conformity with the standards of Commonwealth of Independent States which includes Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) certifies conformity with the chemicals standards of European Union. SONCAP (Standard Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment) certifies conformity with the standards of Nigeria. SII (Standards Institution of Israel) certifies conformity with the standards of Israel. ANEOR (Spanish Association of. Standardization and Certification) certifies conformity with the standards of Spain. API (American Petroleum Isntitute) certifies conformity with the standards of US petroleum and natural gas industry
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