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Mersin sea port

DIAGRAM:Mersin port TCDD
LOCATION:36 46' 20" N, 34 39' 00" E
DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT:Mersin is situated on Mersin Bay, a broad body of water that is open southward to the Mediterranean Sea. Mersin Harbor is close to the extreme north end of the bay and is constructed on a southeast-facing shore line. It is the main port for the Eastern Mediterranean Region's industry and agriculture. The port's rail link and its easy access to the international highway makes it an ideal transit port for trade to the Middle East. With its modern infrastructure and equipment, efficient cargo handling, vast storage areas and its proximity to the free trade zone, Mersin is one the important port is in the East Mediterranean. The facilities at the port handle general cargo, containers, dry and liquid bulk and ro-ro. Port is protected by two breakwaters of 2.800 m. and 1.525 m. long. The depth at the entrance is 14 m. and is 14.5 m. Inside the breakwaters.
RESTRICTION:Vessels of less than 15.000 grt. Not carrying dangerous IMO rated cargoes can berth and unberth throught 24 hours. Vessels over 15.000 grt. And all vessels carrying dangerous goods can berth and unberth in daylight hours only.
PILOTAGE:Pilotage is compulsory for vessels entering, leaving the port or drop anchor at below listed places. The service is provided by the Port administration and is available 24 hours.VHF channels 16 , 12 .
ANCHORAGES:Safe anchorage in open roads outside main breakwater.Prohibited 1-Within the entrance canal of 14 m. depth marked by buoys. 2-Inside the circle of radius 2,5 cables length, with center, red lighthouse at 36 48 45 N , 34 38 45 E. 3- North East open roads outside the line at 80 deg. From green lighthouse towards the outside line of East breakwater. Anchorages areas as follows:
  1. general cargo vessels; 36 42 N, 34 38 E / 36 42 N, 34 43 E / 36 46 N, 34 43 E / 36 46 N, 34 38 E
  2. dangerous cargo vessels; 36 42 N, 34 43 E / 36 42 N, 34 47 E / 36 46 N, 34 47 E / 36 46 N, 34 43 E
  3. quarantine places; 36 42 N , 34 48 E / 36 42 N , 34 51 E / 36 45 N , 34 51 E / 36 45 N , 34 48 E
TOWAGE:Four tugboats are available serving 24 consecutive hours including the weekends.(1 tug 1500 h.p., 1 tug 2500 h.p. and 2 tugs 3200 h.p.) and provided by the the Port Administration.
CARGO HANDLING FACILITIES:The equipment at the port includes 5 quayside container gantry cranes of 40 tons capacity, 17 shore cranes of 3 to 35 tons capacity, 3 reach stackers of 40 tons capacity, 13 rubber tired transtainers of 35 tons capacity, 11 mobile cranes 5 to 25 tons capacity, 5 container forklifts of 10 to 42 tons capacity, 46 general cargo forklifts of 2 to 5 tons capacity, 32 tug masters, 1 loader, 10 tractors, 43 trailers of 40 tons capacity, 9 trailers of 15 tons capacity, 10 trailers of 20 tons capacity and 2 pneumatics of 50 ton/hour capacity.
FLOATING CRAFT:The floating craft comprise 1 floating crane of 60 tons cap. 1 pilot boat, 5 tugboats and 3 mooring boats.
STORAGE:Total port area 993.908 sq.m. open storage areas 582.230 sq.m. and covered storage areas 31.855 sqm. and for container storage areas of 251.350 sq.m. Silo 100.000 tons capacity.
CONTAINER TERMINAL:The container terminal has 5 berths which have an alongside depth of 11.0 - 14.0m. The total length of the berths is 1.020 m. The container terminal covers an area of 251,350 sq.m. The holding capacity at the container yard is 10,000 TEU (full Another facility available at the terminal is the provision of reefer facilities for refrigerated containers.
GENERAL CARGO FACILITIES:There are 11 berths width a total length of 1.572 m. and with alongside depths of 6 to 12 m. The berths and yard behind are well equipped with modern and high performance cranes and handling equipment.
BULK CARGO FACILITIES:There are three berths with a total length of 708 m. and with alongside depths of 10 to 14.5 m. A reinforced concrete grain silo of 100.000 tons capacity is available and there is conveyor system connected with the quay.
  • Loading rate: 1.200x2=2.400 tons/hour.
  • Discharging rate: 600x2=1.200 tons/hour. Silo capacity 100,000 tons.
RO-RO FACILITIES:The port has ro-ro facilities.
RAIL FERRY FACILITIES:There is a rail ferry terminal at the port. The terminal has 253 m. quay length and 12 m. depth alongside. It has 10 km. maneuvering lines behind the quays for marshalling wagons. But the bridging system is not yet available. When the type of rail ferry, which will serve in this route, is determined, the system will be realized and put into service.
FREE TRADE ZONE:There is a free trade zone next to the port. The zone covers an area of 776.800 sqm. and activities at the zone has some 500 m. quays with water depths of 8 m. to 10 m.
BERTHING:Priority to army, food relief and passanger ships. Second priority to Ro-Ro and Container vessels. If no berth available then ships to wait for turn in roads at anchor.
No 1:Passenger Quay155-9.15
No 2- 3:Local Trade275-9.15
No 4:G. Carg156-9.3
No 5-6:G.Cargo300-9.3
No 7-8:Containers40-14.0
No 9-10:Containers400-11.12
No 11:Ro-Ro40-11.0
No 12-13:Containers310-12.0
No 14:Dry bulk T.M.O. Pier275-10.0
No 15:Dry bulk T.M.O. Pier275-15.0
No 16:G.Cargo69-9.0
No 17-19 :G.Cargo490-4.0 -6.0
No 20-21:G.Cargo253-12.0
No 22 :Free Zone65-4.0
No 23-24:Free Zone300-14.0
No 25-26:Free Zone-Oil270-9.2

CE (Conformite Europeenne) certifies conformity with the standards of European Union. TSE (Turk Standartlar Enstitusu) certifies conformity with the standards of Turkey GOST (Gosudarstvennyy Standart) certifies conformity with the standards of Commonwealth of Independent States which includes Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) certifies conformity with the chemicals standards of European Union. SONCAP (Standard Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment) certifies conformity with the standards of Nigeria. SII (Standards Institution of Israel) certifies conformity with the standards of Israel. ANEOR (Spanish Association of. Standardization and Certification) certifies conformity with the standards of Spain. API (American Petroleum Isntitute) certifies conformity with the standards of US petroleum and natural gas industry
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