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Izmir sea port

DIAGRAM:Izmir port
LOCATION:38 25' 00" N, 27 09' 30" E
ANCHORAGES:38 25' 48"N-27? 05' 30"E , 38? 26' 18"N-27 07' 36"E , 38 24' 30"N-27 05' 12"E, 38 25' 12"N-27 07' 12"E , 38 25' 30"N- 27 07'00"E..
REGULATIONBerths at the new port of Alsancak are obtained on basis of the time and date of arrival of each vessel. If the port is congested, vessels wait for their turn at anchor.
PILOTAGE:is compulsory for vessels entering or leaving the port of Izmir. and is provided by theTurkish Maritime Organization (TDI).VHF channels 16, 12.
TOWAGE:Towage is provided by the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) , 3 tugs available up to 2.500 HP.
GENERAL CARGO FACILITIESThere are 24 berths with a total quay length of 3.319 m. The berths and the yard behind are well equipped with modern handling facilities.
CARGO HANDLING FACILITIES:The floating crane with 100 tons capacity, 5 container quayside gantry cranes of 40 tons capacity, 9 shore cranes of 3-15tons capacity, 14 mobile cranes of 5-25tons capacity, 16 rubber tyred transtainers of 40 tons capacity, 21 reach stackers of 40 tons capacity, 28 container forklifts of 10-42 tons capacity, 47 general cargo forklifts of 2- 5 tons capacity, 36 tug masters, 2 loaders and 62 trailers.
STORAGE:Storage facilities of Izmir consist of 215.940 sqm. open and 26.978 sqm. covered areas including a hazardous cargo warehouse.
BULK CARGO FACILITIES:Grain silo has capacity 76.000 tons. The conveyor can delivery between 2.500 and 3.000 tons in 24 hours. Bulk ore loaded by grabs. Daily loading capacity per shift of 8 hours is between 750 to 1.000 tons.
PASSENGER FACILITIES:There is a terminal and berths serve the passenger traffic.
CONTAINER TERMINAL:The container terminal has 7 berths which haven an alongside depth of 13 m. The total length of the berths is 1.050 m. The terminal covers an area of 152.000 sqm. and the holding capacity is 7074 TEU. Container operations at the quays are carried out by 5 gantry cranes of 40 tons capacity. The operations at the container yard are carried out by 19 rubber tired transtainers and 21 reach stackers of 40 tons capacity, together with 28 containers forklifts of up to 42 tons capacity. Reefer facilities for refrigerated containers are also available.
FRESH WATER:Fresh water is available.
FUEL:Most types of marine fuel and lubricants available by trucks, subject 24 hrs advance notice.
AIRPORT:At Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport is 28 km.
WASTE OIL DISPOSAL:collection service is available. An only-water separator system is available at the capacity of 350 cu.m.
PORT WORKING HOURS:Operational: Service is provided to vessels everyday of the week 24 hours a day, with a rotation of there shifts. First shift: 08.00-16.30, Second Shift: 16.30-00.30, Third Shift: 00.30-08.30.
3*Dry Bulk, Ro-Ro150-10.5
4-5General Cargo270-10.5
6General Cargo75-10.5
7-8-9General Cargo372-9.5
10-11-12General Cargo348-8
17*-18-19Container, Ro-Ro450-13
20-21-22General Cargo364-13
23 24**Dry Bulk360-10

CE (Conformite Europeenne) certifies conformity with the standards of European Union. TSE (Turk Standartlar Enstitusu) certifies conformity with the standards of Turkey GOST (Gosudarstvennyy Standart) certifies conformity with the standards of Commonwealth of Independent States which includes Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) certifies conformity with the chemicals standards of European Union. SONCAP (Standard Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment) certifies conformity with the standards of Nigeria. SII (Standards Institution of Israel) certifies conformity with the standards of Israel. ANEOR (Spanish Association of. Standardization and Certification) certifies conformity with the standards of Spain. API (American Petroleum Isntitute) certifies conformity with the standards of US petroleum and natural gas industry
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